Garden Centre & Nursery

Mayfield Gardens and Landscape has one of the best stocked and comprehensive Garden Centres in the Maritimes. Come on by and check out our “growing” selection.

What’s growing in the Nursery?

  • Annuals
    From allysum to zinnias and everything in between is what you will find when you step into our retail greenhouses. We offer a huge selection not found at many garden centres.
  • Perennials
    A growing favourite among our clientele! We have responded with the addition of a brand new perennial greenhouse that is a sight to behold. It is filled to overflowing with every size and color of perennial.
  • Hanging Baskets
    This would have to be classified as our specialty! Nobody does beautiful mixed baskets and planters like us. From window boxes to large baskets and everything in between, you won’t find the selection and variety offered at Mayfield anywhere else.
  • Custom Planters
    One of our special services is custom planting of your containers, simply drop them off early in the spring (or even in the fall!) and talk with one of our designers about the type of plants you like. We will create the masterpiece and grow them in our greenhouse until you are ready to wow the neighbourhood with them. 

Do it yourself and SAVE!

If you are more of a hands on gardener, contact us to learn which days you can come by and plant your own container! Using our design teams to help you, choose from the sometimes overwhelming choice of plants and colours. You will be charged for only the soil used and your plants; our help is free!


Mayfield Gardens is your seed source in the St. Stephen area. We have varieties that are suited to the local climate and tried and trusted brand names to choose from including Vesey’s, Halifax Seed, Sutton Seed, and OSC. Seed packets are available in small quantities to try a little of everything and also in bulk for those tried and true favourites. Not only do we stock a huge seed inventory but we also carry all your soil and seed starting supplies as well.
Our Garden Centre Manager has all the answers to your vegetable gardening questions. Where better to ask about starting flowers from seed than from us – we start literally thousands every year!
Mayfield can offer you the expertise on fertilizing, pruning and pesticides to ensure your success with your chosen varieties. Remember to check for pollination partners to have fruit with many species.

Trees & things in the Nursery

In addition to the thousands of smaller plants we offer in our garden centre, we also offer a full range of larger trees and shrubs. They provide winter interest, habitat for birds, shade and are species specially chosen for our Maritime climate. Our trees come in a wide variety of species, colours, shapes and sizes. We even offer larger trees that will add the size and substance needed to make a new landscape look more established.

  • Evergreens
    Looking for something a little different than the neighbour’s cedars and junipers? Mayfield maintains an extensive selection of evergreens for every design taste; from the standard cedars and junipers to large blue spruce and exotic looking topiary of all descriptions.
  • Decidious
    Decidious refers to all the many varieties of trees that shed their leaves every fall and are responsible for our amazing array of fall colours. They include the very popular maples, oak, ash and others.
  • Fruit Trees
    Fruit trees! Have we got Fruit Trees! We offer, apple, crab, flowering crab, pear, and cherry to name a few. Many fruit trees offer the bonus of beautiful and fragrant blossoms in early spring followed by a crop of delightful fruit come fall. We also offer a wide range of small fruit cultivars hardy to our area.
  • Shrubs
    Shrubs is a small word that encompasses a huge category of plant material. Shrubs can be either decidious or evergreen and can range from very small and slow growing to those often mistaken for a small tree. Whatever your taste in colour, texture, growth or hardiness, you will be sure to find a shrub to fill that spot in your landscape.