Gardening Services

Mayfield Gardens & Landscape offers a wide range of gardening and landscaping services. We employ trained landscape professionals and guarantee our work will meet your satisfaction.

Gardening services

Mayfield Gardens and Landscape offers complete gardening services including ground plant installation or trees and shrubs. We can design, install and maintain your flower beds that will have your neighbours green with envy!

We offer free estimates, and now is a great time to get started on that project you have been dreaming about. Call us today.

Our Services

  • Flower Bed Installation
    We can help you create stunning and enjoyable flower beds or gardens, choosing from our large selection of nursery plants or seed stocks, or help you maintain what you currently have. Ask us for help with plant installation, dead heading, weeding, edging and mulching.
  • Trees and Shrubs
    Many landscape designs feature tree or shrub beds as an easy care option as they require little care once established compared with annual or flower beds. They benefit from compost and mulch on regular basis and pruning based on your taste and the growth habit of the particular shrub.
  • Pruning
    Pruning is completed by our crew throughout the growing season, taking into consideration the type of plant and time of flowering.
        Spring – we begin with removal of dead wood, winter damage and a hard shaping.
        Summer – additional pruning is done to maintain shape and primarily involves shearing of the new growth.
        Fall – pruning is completed once the plant has gone dormant for the winter
  • Spring and Fall Clean Up
    We will rake lawn areas in the spring to remove and loosen matted sections, as well as cleaning up winter debris from lawn and bed areas. In the fall our crews return to collect fallen leaves and other debris.
  • Statuary/Accents
    Mayfield Gardens maintains an array of impresive statuary from large cast iron fountains to small table top items. We have bird baths and garden accents from Cast Art Studios that are sure to add that extra dimension to you garden design.